VIC FIRTH VKB1 tolkač bas pedala


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Specifikacije: Head Size: 2"
Specifikacije II: Secondary Head Size: 1.5"
Dolžina: 7 7/8"

Dodatni opis:

Focused purely on sound quality rather than mechanical motion, the Vic Firth VicKick Medium Hard Radial Felt Beater gives your drum set bass drum a full, low-ended sound with plenty of articulation. It works well across the entire range of genres and styles.

When set in the 'radial' orientation, the beater head increases in articulation and rebound while reducing the amount of space it takes up – to make room for some double pedal work. In the 'flat' orientation you'll get more surface contact, which means more tone and volume.

Specifications: Head Size: 2"
Specifications II: Secondary Head Size: 1.5"
Length: 7 7/8"

  • Reinforces Low End
  • Sounds Good In All Genres
  • Radial Setting for More Punch
  • Flat Setting For More Tone