VIC FIRTH KIDSTICKS otroške bobnarske palice


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Les: Hickory
konica palice: Solza
material konice: Les
Premer: 1,32 cm
Specifikacije: Taper: Long
Specifikacije II: Vibrant blue finish
Dolžina: 33,02 cm

Dodatni opis:

Made from the same quality hickory as our full-sized drumsticks, Kidsticks are engineered to make playing easy for the very young drum set player—ages 3 to 8. Produces a quality sound and feel. Shorter and thinner than an average stick.

Wood: Hickory
Tip Shape: Teardrop
Tip Material: Wood
Diameter: 1,32 cm
Specifications: Taper: Long
Specifications II: Vibrant blue finish
Length: 33,02 cm