PRO-MARK TX-420N Mike Portnoy bobnarske palice


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Pro Mark TX-420N Mike Portnoy so profesionalne in zelo trpežne palčke, ki jih je podprl legendarni bobnar Mike Portnoy. Te palice so narejene iz finega materiala Hickory in so idealne za začetnike ali profesionalne bobnarje.

Les: Hickory
konica palice: Ovalna
material konice: Najlon
Premer: 13.5 mm (7A)
Specifikacije: Taper: Medium
Specifikacije II: Finish: Lacquer
Dolžina: 409 mm
Teža: 49 g

Dodatni opis:

ProMark TX-420N Mike Portnoy are professional and highly durable drumsticks endorsed by the legendary drummer Mike Portnoy. The ProMark Mike Portnoy 420 drumstick features a long, narrow taper, which provides you with a fast and responsive feel. This drumstick has a nylon tip for a brighter, more-articulate sound. These sticks are made from fine Hickory material and are ideal for either beginner or expert drummers to use.

Wood: Hickory
Tip Shape: Oval
Tip Material: Nylon
Diameter: 13.5 mm (7A)
Specifications: Taper: Medium
Specifications II: Finish: Lacquer
Length: 409 mm
Weight: 49 g