PRO-MARK PW7AW 7A bobnarske palice


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Promark bobnarske palice PW7AW

  • japonski beli hrast
  • lahke in kratke
  • odlične za lahek rock in jazz
  • Dolžina 412 mm, premer 13,5 mm.
  • 30 dni za vračilo blaga

konica palice: Ovalna
material konice: Les
Premer: 13 mm (7A)
Specifikacije: Material/Wood Type: Shira Kashi Oak
Specifikacije II: Taper: Short
Specifikacije III: Finish: Lacquer
Dolžina: 390 mm

Dodatni opis:

The ProMark Classic Attack 7A drumstick features an oval tip shape, short taper, and dense Shira Kashi Oak, producing a forward-weighted feel with increased power and durability.

In 1957, Promark was the first American drumstick manufacturer to market with a sustainable Japanese Oak drumstick. For the last six decades, drummers have enjoyed our assortment of Shira Kashi Oak Classic drumstick models for their weight, articulation and durability characteristics.

Tip Shape: Oval
Tip Material: Wood
Diameter: 13 mm (7A)
Specifications: Material/Wood Type: Shira Kashi Oak
Specifications II: Taper: Short
Specifications III: Finish: Lacquer
Length: 390 mm