ON STAGE SNK244100 24×4 30m multicore

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Multicore kabel 24-4 , dolžina 30.5 m s torbo za prenos.

Barva: Črna
Dolžina: 30.48 m
Širina: 46 cm
Višina: 40 cm
Globina: 30 cm
Teža: 23.59 kg

Dodatni opis:

  • All XLR connectors
  • Hand-soldered and individually insulated
  • Well-protected and flexible cable bundling
  • Heavy-duty metal chasis box
  • Built-in easy carrying handle
  • Includes protective nylon bag

This 100’ 24×4 Stage Box provides 24 (XLR) female input channels plus 4 (XLR) male returns. All inputs and returns feature locking connections for a secure fit. Each connector is hand soldered and individually insulated to prevent electrical shorts even after years of use. Features include quick-release connectors, well-protected and flexible cable bundling, and a heavy-duty all metal chassis box. Comes with a built-in easy carrying handle and protective black nylon bag.

Color: Black
Length: 30.48 m
Width: 46 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Weight: 23.59 kg