NUX NOD-2 TUBE MAN MKII Overdrive kitarski efekt pedal

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Tube man je odličen overdrive pedal, ki ima brilianten srednjetonski karakter, kar omogoči naši kitari da prodre skozi miks, kljub temu pa ohranja naravne zvočne karakteristike naše kitare. Lahko ga uporabimo da clean tone potisnemo v crunch območje za blues ritem tone, ali da svoje overdrive tone še dodatno začinimo in podaljšamo sustain za odlične solo tone.

Tip efekta: Overdrive
Vhodna upornost: 510 K ohm
Izhodna upornost: 100 ohm
Specifikacije: Power Input:Standard 9V DC, center negative >100mA (power supply not included)
Dolžina: 94 mm
Širina: 51 mm
Višina: 53 mm
Teža: 174 g

Dodatni opis:

Tube man is a smooth overdrive pedal which has brilliant midrange character, it allows your tone cutting edge while retaining guitars natural sonic qualities You can use it with a clean amp to deliver bluesy rhythm tone or push a hot amp into limitless sustain for solos

More gain ! That was the overall goal. If you’re not playing through a real tube amp, cranked for overdrive, it’s difficult to get genuine tube overdrive sound.

The original Tube Screamer pedals used an OP-AMP system, a basic circuitry that became popular for its “perfect amp” attributes. It had no distortion so it had to be overdriven or distorted by re-shaping the signal until it distorts ( diode-clipping ). Clipping it a little bit gives you Overdrive. Clipping it a lot gives you Distortion

But there's a better way!

Using an FET Transistor System, which already has overdrive and distortion capabilities is a better approach to maintain the genuine sound you get from an actual analog tube amp. An FET allows you to bring out the harmonic attributes, and break-up the distortion into a finer grit, the way a real tube does.

Now, your leads will sing richer and longer, and your rhythm will be more open and expressive than ever before. It all culminates into an overdrive that is superbly dynamic, with crisp precise clarity that lets players cut through a dense mix, without losing fat mid-range

Effect Type: Overdrive
Input Impedance: 510 K ohm
Output Impedance: 100 ohm
Specifications: Power Input:Standard 9V DC, center negative >100mA (power supply not included)
Length: 94 mm
Width: 51 mm
Height: 53 mm
Weight: 174 g