MOECK MF1023 kljunasta flavta sopran bar. prijem

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Specifikacije: Baroque fingering
Specifikacije II: Double holes
Specifikacije III: Head made of special plastic (blue colour)
Lastnosti: Lower piece made of maple wood
Več lastnosti: C tuning
Posebnosti: tuning: 442 Hz
Pribor: Bag
Teža: 0.18 kg

Dodatni opis:

The Moeck MF1023 recorder is great instrument for children. It often happens that a child forgets to clean his instrument, so Moeck worked hard to make durable instrument in a combination of wood and plastic. They combine a modern and traditional look that gives the comfort of playing and kept the elegant tone.

Specifications: Baroque fingering
Specifications II: Double holes
Specifications III: Head made of special plastic (blue colour)
Features: Lower piece made of maple wood
Features II: C tuning
Features III: tuning: 442 Hz
Accessories: Bag
Weight: 0.18 kg