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FLIGHT NUS200, predstavlja inštrument za začetnike, ki vas bo spoznal s svetom glasbe in njegovim pomenom. Inštrument je zasnovan tako da ponudi najboljšo možno dinamiko in glasnost v svojem razredu ter takoj se boste vprašali ali potrebujete še dražji in bolj kakovosten inštrument. Flight ukulele NUS200 je v kompletu s torbo, ki služi varovanju in prenašanju inštrumenta. Širina vratu je 38mm in ponuja več prostora pri igranju tudi najbolj zapletenih akordov.

Barva: Naravna
Velikost ukulele: Sopran ukulele
Tip ukulele: Akustične ukulele
Specifikacije: Top: Laminate Teak
Specifikacije II: Back & Side: Laminate Teak
Specifikacije III: Bridge: Nandu
Lastnosti: Neck: Meranti
Več lastnosti: Nut & Saddle: Pps
Pribor: Gig bag and instructional booklet included!

Dodatni opis:

The Flight NUS200 Teak Soprano Ukulele redefines the meaning of “beginner ukulele.” They are made from laminate Indonesian teak, offering great punch, volume, and tone. If you learn how to play with these ukuleles, you will question if you ever need to upgrade to a “better” ukulele. The neck is made from meranti, another Indonesian wood, and the fretboard is made from nandu. Both models feature a wide 38mm nut to offer you more space and comfort while you learn how to play those new chords.

Oh, and a Flight ukulele isn’t a Flight ukulele if it doesn’t include a nice gig bag. This may be your first uke; it may not be your only uke; but it will be your companion for years—at campfires, on the beach, during nature hikes, on your couch, and by your bedside. Our teak ukuleles will be an unfailing companion that will help you grow from ukulele novice to ukulele master. We love these teak ukuleles, and you will, too!

The body of the Flight NUS200 is made from laminate teak wood. We have found that laminate woods provide a wonderful sound with subtle control, which is why we can create a beautiful sounding ukuleles without breaking the bank. Teak is a widely used, strong wood that is used in boat building and furniture. Known for its water resistance and durability, it has as much punch, tone and volume as mahogany but the finish brings out an almost burnt gold colour. In fact, we like it so much that we can’t stop looking at it.
The misconception over a soprano fretboard is that the spaces between the frets are too narrow meaning larger sized fingers can’t form chords. The difficulty actually lies is in the width of the fretboard (called “nut width” in ukulele circles). Many ukuleles today are made with a nut width of 35mm. We have thought outside the box and created a soprano ukulele with a 38mm nut. This gives fingers of all shapes and sizes to form chords and adds a great deal of comfort and playability to the instrument.
While we’re talking about the fretboard, it is made from nandu, a wood local to Indonesia. The neck is made from meranti which is similar to mahogany and is very easy to work with and stable.

Headstock design is an integral part of our identity. All Flight ukuleles feature a carefully-designed headstock fitted with geared tuners that will always stay in tune.
To top it all off, no Flight uke ever leaves our nest without being safely wrapped up in a gig bag.

Color: Natural
Body Style: Soprano Ukulele
Type: Acoustic Ukulele
Specifications: Top: Laminate Teak
Specifications II: Back & Side: Laminate Teak
Specifications III: Bridge: Nandu
Features: Neck: Meranti
Features II: Nut & Saddle: Pps
Accessories: Gig bag and instructional booklet included!