ERNIE BALL 6401 FLAT RIBBON (3) 7.6cm povezovalni kabel


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Barva: Oranžna
Specifikacije: 3-Pack
Dolžina: 7.6 cm

Dodatni opis:

Ernie Ball instrumentation cable is manufactured only from high quality materials that have passed rigorous selection and proven themselves. When buying an Ernie Ball cable, you can be sure that it will serve you for more than one year! To avoid corrosion, the cables are manufactured from 99.99% oxygen-free copper.

Thanks to its modern, double-insulated spiral design, Ernie Ball cable is tangle-free and also protected from kinks and breaks. The two-core cable preserves audio frequencies during signal transmission, so you get the purest transparent sound with minimal noise at the output.

Short connecting cables are most often used to chain pedals and therefore Ernie Ball will optimize not only the cable, making it flat, but also the connectors themselves, allowing you to organize the space of your pedal board as conveniently and compactly as possible.

Color: Orange
Specifications: 3-Pack
Length: 7.6 cm