DOWINA PIERRE MARIN Amadeus 1/2 violončelo komplet


Šifra artikla: AC12 – EAN: – Skupina: Godala > Violončela – Znamka: PIERRE MARIN

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Zvočnica: Masivna smreka
Dno: Masivni javor
Stranice: Masivni javor
Vrat: Javor
Ubiralka: Ebenovina
Navijalci: Ebony
Strunik: Ebony
Strune: Metal
Specifikacije: Nut – ebony
Specifikacije II: Tailgut – metal
Specifikacije III: Varnish – orange brown, gloss
Lastnosti: Brasil wood bow
Pribor: Bow and bag included

Dodatni opis:

Pierre Marin Amadeus Cello 1/2, bundle with bow and bag. The Amadeus string series is suitable for both beginners and musicians with more knowledge. Due to its design, material and workmanship, the Amadeus Cello represents a new chapter in your musical creation and offers dynamic and diversity in its sound that you can use when learning an instrument, performing or rehearsing.

Top: Solid Spruce
Back: Solid Maple
Side: Solid Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuning Pegs: Ebony
Tailpiece: Ebony
Strings: Metal
Specifications: Nut – ebony
Specifications II: Tailgut – metal
Specifications III: Varnish – orange brown, gloss
Features: Brasil wood bow
Accessories: Bow and bag included