CASIO CT-S200 WE elektronska klaviatura


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Originalna navodila v slovenščini vsebujejo samo Casio pianina kupljena v Sloveniji.

Idealna klavitura za začetnike, hobi glasbenike, za potovanja:

S Casio CT-S200 lahko glasbo uživate kadarkoli in kjer koli želite. Njegova kompaktna velikost je 30% manjša kot pri modelih CTK-2500 in CTK-2550, ponaša pa se s približno 16 urami alkalne baterije. Z ročko na vrhu klaviature, je lahko prenosljiv. Zasnova vključuje zaobljene robove in vogale, zaradi česar je varno prenosljiv.

Ob nakupu Casio klaviature vam nudimo nakup pribora s 30% popustom ( pri naročilu vtipkajte kodo CAS30)





Barva: Bela
Število tipk: 61 standard size keys
Polifonija (maksimalna): 48
Število prednastavljenih glasov: 400
Število prednastavljenih skladb: 60
Zvočniki: 13cm x 6cm (oval) x 2 (Output: 2.0W + 2.0W)
Specifikacije: APP Function Chordana Play
Specifikacije II: Built-in rhythms: 77
Lastnosti: Dance Music Mode (Built-in patterns: 50, Dance Music Voice: 12)
Pribor: Music stand
Dolžina: 93.0  cm
Širina: 25.6 cm
Višina: 7.3 cm
Teža: 3.3 kg

Dodatni opis:

Slim & Stylish Portable Design

With the CT-S200 you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you like. Its compact size of 930 mm x 256 mm x 73 mm is 30% smaller in volume than the CTK-2500 and CTK-2550 models, and it boasts roughly 16 hours of alkaline battery life*. With a grip at the top of the keyboard and a weight of only 3.3 kg, it couldn’t be easier to carry. The design incorporates rounded edges and corners, making it safely portable.

Period of continuous operation may be shorter depending on battery type and your playing style.

Slim & Stylish Portable Design

The CT-S200 features a simple, intuitive interface, offering an organized layout with fewer buttons by using both a full dot LCD screen and dial. It is also equipped with a home button that lets users return to the original screen at any time, making for a superior multi-function keyboard with enhanced usability.

Interface easy to use for everyone

Sound no one would expect from such a compact keyboard

The use of 13 cm x 6 cm oval speakers with strengthened magnets delivers surprisingly great sound for such a compact instrument. An additional function that optimizes the equalizer in tandem with the volume provides balanced sound from the bass to the highs, even at low volumes.

Dance Music Mode and Voices expand ways to enjoy playing

The CT-S200 includes a mode that lets users put together drum, bass, and synthesizer phrases to easily enjoy dance music, as well as 12 types of Dance Music Voices that sound great with dance music. Just press along with the rhythm to add accents to ordinary playing and enjoy dance music.

My Setup Button

Register your favorite settings to easily recall tones and rhythms such as those learned in music class when you practice at home.

The keys are designed in a piano-like box shape.

USB to host micro B for expandability

The CT-S200 comes with a USB to host micro B jack that allows you to enjoy making music easily, together with your smart device or computer. (Commercially available cable required.)

Chordana Play app

Display 50 in-app demo songs or downloaded MIDI files on the Chordana Play piano roll or musical score screen to play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Play music without reading a musical score by striking keys in rhythm with the bars as they scroll down from the top of the screen. Track your score on the app’s scoring feature to make practice fun and watch your playing improve.

Color: White
Number of  Keys: 61 standard size keys
Number of Polyphony (Max.): 48
Number of Preset Voices: 400
Number of Preset Songs: 60
Speakers: 13cm x 6cm (oval) x 2 (Output: 2.0W + 2.0W)
Specifications: APP Function Chordana Play
Specifications II: Built-in rhythms: 77
Features: Dance Music Mode (Built-in patterns: 50, Dance Music Voice: 12)
Accessories: Music stand
Length: 93.0  cm
Width: 25.6 cm
Height: 7.3 cm
Weight: 3.3 kg