VANDOREN T27 SM425 ustnik za tenor saksofon


Šifra artikla: 60039 – EAN: 008576220280 – Skupina: Pihala / trobila > Pribor za pihala > Ustniki za pihala – Znamka: VANDOREN

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Barva: Črna
Specifikacije: 4.45 x 15.24 x 4.45 cm
Teža: 68 g

Dodatni opis:

The V5 series is designed to produce a full, round and centered sound with solid articulation. These mouthpieces are designed with flexibility in mind so you can have the freedom to create. A comfortable mouthpiece, particularly precise in the upper harmonic register. Tip opening: 1.77mm. Facing length: Medium-Short.

Color: Black
Specifications: 4.45 x 15.24 x 4.45 cm
Weight: 68 g