VANDOREN SR254 REEDS BAS SAX 4 jeziček za bas saksofon


Šifra artikla: SR254 – EAN: 008576120320 – Skupina: Pihala / trobila > Pribor za pihala > Jezički za saksofon – Znamka: VANDOREN

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Vandoren Baritone Saxophone Reeds

Van Doren Traditional series baritone sax reeds are characterized by a thin reed tip. The result is a quality of pure sound that is balanced by a solid vertical column. A French-style file cut further distinguishes these reeds. They are among the most popular in the world and are great for all-around use, and are popular with classical and jazz musicians, and with students and professionals alike.

Renowned for their quality and consistency, this is the standard bearer for saxophone reeds the world over. They are affordable, reliable, and very often the go-to reed for everyone from students to professionals.

  • Baritone sax
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