PIERRE MARIN AMADEUS 1/2 violina komplet


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Velikost: 1/​2
Zvočnica: Masivna smreka
Dno: Masivni javor
Stranice: Masivni javor
Ubiralka: Ebenovina

Dodatni opis:

This violin belongs to the Pierre Marin series, which comes from the workshops of the traditional Slovak manufacturer of musical instruments Dowina. These instruments are made from selected solid wood that undergoes additional checks during the building process, and experts – both makers and musicians – cannot praise the quality/price ratio.

Their soundboard is made of high-quality East Siberian spruce, while the rest of the body is made of maple wood. The fingerboard and soundboard are ebony, and the surface of the violin is finished in a glossy, orange-brown lacquer.

The instrument is supplied with a protective soft-case and bow.

Size: 1/​2
Top: Solid Spruce
Back: Solid Maple
Side: Solid Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony