VIC FIRTH SJM Jojo Mayer bobnarske palice


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Les: Hickory
konica palice: Solza
material konice: Les
Premer: 1,47 cm
Specifikacije: Taper: Medium
Specifikacije II: Surface Coating: Paint
Specifikacije III: Series: Signature Series
Dolžina: 38,93 cm

Dodatni opis:

Vic Firth SJM Jojo Mayer Signature Series Drumsticks were designed with Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer. Jojo pioneered and leads the recent trend of live breakbeat drumming with his band NERVE. Jojo's design is a 5A style stick, but with thicker and shorter dimensions. It provides a big feel and full sound without a lot of length.

Each Vic Firth Signature Series model was conceived through extensive research with the finest drummers from a variety of musical styles. The designs reflect their musical requirements in terms of balance, feel, sound projection and cymbal color. All colored sticks feature a clear, natural tip. All sticks are hickory unless otherwise noted.

Wood: Hickory
Tip Shape: Teardrop
Tip Material: Wood
Diameter: 1,47 cm
Specifications: Taper: Medium
Specifications II: Surface Coating: Paint
Specifications III: Series: Signature Series
Length: 38,93 cm

  • Jojo Mayer (SJM)
  • Jojo's stick is a 5A style stick‚ but with thicker and shorter dimensions. Designed to offer a big sound and feel without a lot of weight.
  • L = 15 21/64" | Dia. = .577"