VIC FIRTH AJ3 bobnarske palice


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Les: Hickory
konica palice: Solza
material konice: Les
Premer: 1,38 cm
Specifikacije: Taper: Long
Specifikacije II: Surface Coating: Lacquer
Specifikacije III: Series: American Jazz
Dolžina: 40,64 cm

Dodatni opis:

An 8D shaft that feels like it plays itself. A lighter touch, ideal for jazz. The longer taper adds rebound and the thin shaft decreases weight for effortless playing.

Developed for the player who is looking for ultimate rebound on the drum and ride cymbal, the American Jazz line consists of 6 models which feature a long taper in the shaft for that great feel! The neck specifications are sizeable enough to create dark cymbal sounds, and the small teardrop tip keeps everything in focus.

Wood: Hickory
Tip Shape: Teardrop
Tip Material: Wood
Diameter: 1,38 cm
Specifications: Taper: Long
Specifications II: Surface Coating: Lacquer
Specifications III: Series: American Jazz
Length: 40,64 cm

  • American Jazz® 3
  • An 8D shaft that feels like it plays itself.
  • L = 16" | Dia. = .545"