VIC FIRTH AH5BB Heritage 5B bobnarske palice


Šifra artikla: AH5BB – EAN: 750795011087 – Skupina: Bobni in tolkala > Palice in udarjalke > Bobnarske palice – Znamka: VIC FIRTH

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Les: Javor
konica palice: Solza
material konice: Les
Premer: 1.51 cm
Specifikacije: Taper: Medium
Specifikacije II: Surface Coating: Lacquer
Specifikacije III: Series: American Heritage
Dolžina: 40.64cm

Dodatni opis:

American Heritage® drumsticks feature the dimensional specifications of the most popular American Classic® models, but are crafted in maple rather than hickory for greater rebound and flex. This series allows drummers to have the feel of their favorite American Classic® model but with a lighter and more "airy" sound – especially on cymbals. This unique approach is another extension of the effort to offer drummers the ability to change their sound and color without changing feel and balance.

Wood: Maple
Tip Shape: Teardrop
Tip Material: Wood
Diameter: 1.51 cm
Specifications: Taper: Medium
Specifications II: Surface Coating: Lacquer
Specifications III: Series: American Heritage
Length: 40.64cm

  • American Heritage® 5B
  • Tear drop tip. A medium stick that still produces sweet cymbal sounds.
  • L = 16" | Dia. = .595"