DUNLOP JHF1 JIMI HENDRIX Fuzz Face kitarski efekt pedal

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Šifra artikla: JHF1 – EAN: 710137035676 – Skupina: Kitare > Efekti za kitaro in bas > Distortion / Overdrive – Znamka: DUNLOP EFFECTS

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DUNLOP JHF1, če vam je všeč zvok kitare s prvih posnetkov Jimi Hendrixa; ne iščite dalje. Dunlop je dolgo iskal pedal, ki bi ponudil prav ta zvok fuzz pedala in tu je JHF1.

Once frowned upon – back in the day, only real tube sounds were permitted – but today totally in again: the classical distortion pedal. This doesn't refer to tube-like sounding overdrives or distortion pedals, but really the classic fuzz boxes of the late 60s.

One of the first, and certainly the best known fuzz effect, is the Fuzz Face, which Jimi Hendrix used to drain every last drop of power from his Marshalls on full blast. But also contemporary guitar heroes like Eric Johnson used it to give their sounds a special note.

Since then there have been several clones: the Dunlop JH F1 is a detailed reproduction of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces and reproduces the old sound 1:1.

Napajanje: 9V baterija
Specifikacije: Detailed reproduction of the "Dallas Arbiter FuzzFace"
Specifikacije II: With BC-108 silicon transistor
Specifikacije III: Hand-wired
Lastnosti: Only battery operation possible

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Hendrix was the master of fuzz, an artist with many subtle shadings at his command. His love affair with the legendary Fuzz Face pedal began in the early days of the Experience and continued to evolve throughout his brief but blazing career.

The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face is a meticulously faithful reproduction of the 1969-70 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face that Jimi used on classic albums like Band of Gypsys. Dunlop's engineering department examined hoards of vintage Fuzz Faces, honing in on a few units which possessed that unmistakable Jimi voodoo.

The Hendrix Fuzz Face is built around the toneful BC108 silicon transistor. It is authentic in every detail, a handwired brown circuit board with no solder mask and circuitry carefully matched to the original specs. The look is 100% accurate too, that groovy circular chassis with tooled clones of the original Fuzz Face knobs in the rare and vintage turquoise hammertone finish. A truly playable collectable for any Hendrix or Fuzz Face fanatic.

Power Supply: 9V Battery
Specifications: Detailed reproduction of the "Dallas Arbiter FuzzFace"
Specifications II: With BC-108 silicon transistor
Specifications III: Hand-wired
Features: Only battery operation possible