DUNLOP CBJ95SB Cry Baby Junior SE Wah kitarski efekt pedal


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Tip efekta: Wah
Vhodna upornost: 800 kΩ
Izhodna upornost:

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Proclaim your allegiance to the most iconic effect pedal in music history with this special edition of the Cry Baby Junior Wah, featuring a bold Cry Baby ‘wave logo' pattern and contrasting footwear-inspired tread. The Cry Baby Junior Wah is purpose-built for pedalboards. Designed in collaboration with Pedaltrain, this wah has been carefully crafted for maximum layout efficiency on the world’s most popular boards. On the side of the pedal is a convenient and accessible three-position switch that allows you to choose one of our three most popular Cry Baby Wah voices, covering the full frequency spectrum. The H setting gives you the aggressive modern sound of the GCB95, M provides the midrange growl of vintage wah pedals, and L provides a sound that's dark and rich.

Effect Type: Wah
Input Impedance: 800 kΩ
Output Impedance: