DUNLOP 212 Glass Heavy/Small slide – drsnik za kitaro


Šifra artikla: 212 – EAN: 710137000230 – Skupina: Kitare > Pribor za brenkala > Slide – drsniki – Znamka: DUNLOP ACCESSORIES

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Premer: Ring size: 7
Specifikacije: Length: 51 mm
Specifikacije II: Wall: 4 mm
Specifikacije III: Inside: 17 mm
Lastnosti: Material: Glass

Dodatni opis:

Tempered glass slides are preffered for full,rich tones.
They sound warmer and more resonant than metal slides, producing smooth transitions with minimalstring noise.

Tempered glass slides are the top choice for many acoustic players, and they're also favored by electric players who want the purest slide tone possible.

Diameter: Ring size: 7
Specifications: Length: 51 mm
Specifications II: Wall: 4 mm
Specifications III: Inside: 17 mm
Features: Material: Glass