MOECK MF1023 RONDO kljunasta flavta sopran bar. prijem


Šifra artikla: 66558 – EAN: 2000012766558 – Skupina: Pihala / trobila > Kljunaste flavte > Kljunaste flavte sopran baročni prijem – Znamka: MOECK

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Kljunasta sopran flavta Moeck 2200

  • Rondo,
  • baročni prijem,
  • trup iz prvovrstnega lesa javorja,
  • dvodelna
  • v torbici in s priborom.

Barva: Rjava
Material: Javor
Specifikacije: Baroque fingering
Specifikacije II: With double holes
Specifikacije III: Maple wood
Več lastnosti: C tuning
Posebnosti: tuning: 442 Hz
Pribor: Bag
Teža: 0.26

Dodatni opis:

The Moeck MF2200 recorder has a balanced tone in all registers that can be achieved without perfect breathing technique and that fits well with playing in an ensemble. Only by its gentle and elegant new design does it indicate that the Rondo is more than an instrument for beginners. It is designed for musicians who have gained some experience and need a more flexible tone and increased dynamic potential. The Rondo is comfortable to hold and allows light fingering.

Color: Brown
Material: Maple
Specifications: Baroque fingering
Specifications II: With double holes
Specifications III: Maple wood
Features II: C tuning
Features III: tuning: 442 Hz
Accessories: Bag
Weight: 0.26