LD SYSTEMS U306 BPL brezžični kravatni mikrofon


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LD SYSTEMS LDU306BPL je kravatni bežični mikrofonski sustav frekvencijskog raspona 655-679 MHz.
Razvijeni u Njemačkoj, bežični UHF sustavi iz LD SYSTEMS U300® serije pružaju izvrsne audio performanse, te dosežu domet od 100 metara u idealnim uvjetima, uz 10h rada sa 2 AA baterije.

Barva: Črna
Tip brezžičnega sistema: Kravatni
Tip mikrofona: kondenzatorski
Frekvenčni razpon: 20 – 20.000 Hz
Upornost: 680 Ohm(s)
Število kanalov: 12
Obseg delovanja: 655 – 679 MHz
Brezžični sprejemnik: LDU306R – LD Systems U306 BPL
Bodypack oddajnik: LDU306BP – LD Systems U306 BPL
Lastnosti: 100 m transmission range
Več lastnosti: ASC infrared transmitter and receiver syncing
Posebnosti: 10 h transmitter operation on two AA batteries
Širina: 211 mm
Višina: 43 mm
Globina: 120 mm
Teža: 0,83 kg

Dodatni opis:

Developed in Germany, the UHF diversity wireless systems from the U300® series deliver excellent audio performance. They achieve a range of 100 metres in ideal conditions and are available in five frequency bands: 584–608 MHz, 655–679 MHz, 823–832 MHz + 863–865 MHz, 470–490 MHz or 514–542 MHz. Up to six U300® systems can be used simultaneously in each frequency band. Convenient one-touch synchronisation via infrared ensures fast, problem-free wireless connection between the transmitter and receiver, while a squelch with pilot tone ensures disruption-free operation.

U300® transmitters have a 10 mW output and an operating time of 10 hours on two AA batteries. The handheld microphone’s frequency response ranges from 55 Hz to 16 KHz. With a lower cut-off frequency of 25 Hz, the bodypack is also suitable for transmitting 5-string bass guitars with a deep H string. The bodypack’s input level can be adjusted to both active and passive guitars and basses over three levels. The power switch features a handy standby mode for temporary muting. The U300® receiver is fitted with a bright LCD channel display, an LED chain for displaying audio signal strength and both a balanced XLR and an unbalanced 6.35 mm audio output. The audio output can also be switched to instrument level for directly connecting to guitar and bass amplifiers.

U300®-series wireless systems feature a fresh, modern design and are available as vocal sets with receiver and dynamic handheld microphone with cardioid characteristic, bodypack and headset or bodypack and lavalier microphone. The microphone characteristic can be changed using U500®-series replaceable heads. U300® instrument sets are available with bodypack and clip-on microphone for wind instruments or a double-shielded low-capacitance cable for guitars and basses.

U306 BPL

Wireless Microphone System with Bodypack and Lavalier Microphone

Item No.: LDU306BPL

Diversity UHF wireless system with FM technology

12 selectable channels

100 m transmission range in ideal conditions

Simultaneous operation of up to 6 systems

ASC infrared transmitter and receiver syncing

Pilot tone squelch

10 h transmitter operation on two AA batteries

Metal housing

Optional rackmount kit available as accessory

Color: Black
Wireless System Type: Lavalier
Microphone Type: Condenser
Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000 Hz
lmpedance: 680 Ohm(s)
Number of Channels: 12
Operating range: 655 – 679 MHz
Wireless Receiver: LDU306R – LD Systems U306 BPL
Bodypack Transmitter: LDU306BP – LD Systems U306 BPL
Features: 100 m transmission range
Features II: ASC infrared transmitter and receiver syncing
Features III: 10 h transmitter operation on two AA batteries
Width: 211 mm
Height: 43 mm
Depth: 120 mm
Weight: 0,83 kg