LD SYSTEMS STINGER 12 A G3 aktivni zvočnik


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LD SYSTEMS STINGER 12A G3 je večnamenski profesionalni zvočnik z vgrajenim ojačevalcem moči 500W, konfiguracija 12" bas zvočnik in 1" bms visokotonec, vgrajen DynX® DSP procesor omogoča delovanje brez popačenja tudi pri najvišji glasnosti. Uporaben kot samostojni zvočnik, kot srednje-visokotonec v kombinaciji z LD SYSTEMS STINGER SUB 18A ali STINGER SUB 15A in tudi kot odličen odrski monitor.

Garancija: dve leti.

Frekvenčni razpon: 58 – 20000 Hz
Tip: Aktivni zvočnik
Tip zvočnika: Subwoofer
Max. zvočni pritisk (vrhunec): 131 dB
Disperzijski kot: 90 x 50
Nizkotonski: 12" membrana
Visokotonski: 1" tuljava
mikrofonski vhod: Da
Delovna napetost: 220 v
Magnet visokotonca: Feritni
Magnet nizkotonca: Feritni
Material ohišja: Vezana plošča
Kot(i) zvočnika/monitorja: 54 °
Izhodna moč ojačevalca (sinusna): 500 W
Izhodna moč ojačevalca (vrhunec): 1000 W
Lastnosti: Multiband limiter , over voltage , over-current , thermal overload
Širina: 390  mm
Višina: 627 mm
Globina: 377 mm
Teža: 20.1 kg

Dodatni opis:

This highly professional 2-way active system is designed for absolute, long-term reliability. With its multi-functional bass reflex housing and finely tuned, user-friendly presets, the speakers are suitable as full-range, box, satellite and floor monitors. The Stinger® 12 A G3 is powered by a highly efficient Class-D amplifier with an impressive 500-watt continuous output. The specially developed 12" woofer and a BMS tweeter driver achieve a deep bass response and fresh, natural trebles. The wave guide of the tweeter has been developed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM), a numerical simulation of the sound radiation and dispersion. It reduces reflection from floors and ceilings and prevents sidelobe levels, thus achieving controlled and homogeneous dispersion. LD Systems’ proprietary DynX® DSP technology means that the Stinger® 12 A G3 delivers perfect performance with maximum clarity and power under all conditions. The signal processing of the crossover function and the multi-band limiter achieve an optimal runtime and high freedom from distortion. Designed as an all-around workhorse, the housing of the speaker is made of robust birch plywood. An extremely resilient coating of polyurea offers exceptional robustness and durability. The features include a steel front grille, a dual-tilt stand attachment, flight points and ergonomic handles. The Stinger® 12 A G3 is a good value and attractive solution for professional sound systems, with extensive accessories that support usage on the stage and in fixed installations.

Frequency Response: 58 – 20000 Hz
Type: Active Speaker
Speaker Type: Subwoofer
Max. SPL (peak): 131 dB
Dispersion angle: 90 x 50
LF: 12" Cone
HF: 1" Voice Coil
Microphone Input: Yes
Operating Voltage: 220 v
Tweeter Magnet: Ferrite
Woofer Magnet: Ferrite
Cabinet Material: Plywood
Speaker/Monitor Angle(s): 54 °
Amplifier Output (RMS): 500 W
Amplifier Output (Peak): 1000 W
Features: Multiband limiter , over voltage , over-current , thermal overload
Width: 390  mm
Height: 627 mm
Depth: 377 mm
Weight: 20.1 kg