CAMEO UV BAR 200 IR led svetlobni efekt


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Barva: Črna
Specifikacije: Light bar
Lastnosti: strobe, sound control, master dimmer
Višina: 66mm
Globina: 67mm
Teža: 2.3kg
Artikel: CLUVBAR200IR

Dodatni opis:

UVBAR 200 IR 12 x 3 W UV LED Bar in black housing with IR Remote Control

The Cameo UVBar 200 IR is a blacklight bar with 12 super bright 3W ultraviolet LEDs, 65° beam angle and convection cooling for noiseless operation.

It features DMX control, standalone, master and slave modes with dimmer and strobe effects and a built-in microphone for sound activation. For manual operation the UVBar 200 comes with a convenient handheld infrared control.

The rugged metal enclosure is equipped with 3-pin DMX and IEC mains inputs and outputs for easy daisy chaining and adjustable mounting angles.

Color: Black
Specifications: Light bar
Features: strobe, sound control, master dimmer
Height: 66mm
Depth: 67mm
Weight: 2.3kg
Product: CLUVBAR200IR