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Under the hood

At first glance, these two pianos look very much alike. Both models have an elegant rosewood finish and make gorgeous decorative elements in your home. The KA150, however, packs a slightly bigger punch than the M230 with the addition of styles (rhythmic accompaniment) and a General MIDI collection of sounds. Besides the expected piano sounds, this instrument also includes organs, strings, synthesizer sounds, guitars, chromatic percussion, and much more!


This piano is incredibly easy to play, and is suitable for young and old, novices and professionals alike. It’s a great instrument for piano lessons, for instance, and even has two headphone inputs for you and your teacher. This way, you can practise at home without hindering those around you.

Kurzweil stands for quality, which you can expect from the moment you receive the KA150 delivered to your front door! Perhaps you’ve tried to learn to play the piano before? Learning to play is a blast with the KA150!


If you’re looking for a digital piano for lessons, for example, there are certainly plenty to choose from these days. The rosewood KA150 digital piano distinguishes itself from the rest thanks to its additional rhythm section. Other than that, Kurzweil has provided it with the standard ballroom repertoire. Another difference is the fact that the KA150 is equipped with all the familiar GM sounds, including piano sounds, but also guitars, strings, brass instruments, and more. Its one colourful machine!

The Kurzweil KA150 for fun and education

Piano lessons is one of the main reasons people buy a digital piano. This particular model is great for that, as it has two headphone outputs – one for the student and one for the teacher – so you can practise to your heart’s content without disturbing those around you. You can even set up the keyboard so both the left and the right side have the same octave range (essentially the middle octave), which means the student and teacher can play the exact same thing. After a little practice, you can experiment with the different styles, which are essentially backing tracks in specific music styles that you can play along with. The KA150 is not a difficult instrument to play, and offers playing enjoyment for young and old, novices and advanced players alike.

Product specifications

  • Kurzweil KA150 RW
  • digital piano
  • keyboard
    • type: Medeli 88RPTA
    • 88 weighted keys
    • hammer action
    • adjustable velocity-sensitivity
    • playing modes: split, layer, dual
  • display: 7 segments, 3 digits
  • sounds: 128 GM + drums
  • rhythms: 26
  • polyphony: 68 voices
  • built-in demo (14x)
  • transpose, fine-tune, metronome
  • education modes: Bayer, Czerny 100, Czerny 30, Czerny 40, Sonatine
  • amplification: 2x 20 W, 8 ohms
  • speaker: 2x 6.5 inches
  • connectors
    • RCA-out (L/R)
    • RCA-in (L/R)
    • mini jack for MP3 players
    • jack for microphone
    • headphone: jack (2x)
    • MIDI: In, Out, USB
  • pedals: sustain, sostenuto, soft
  • including bench, stand and keyboard lid
  • dimensions: 1,380 x 497 x 867 mm
  • weight: 54 kg
  • finish: rosewood


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