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Premium digitalni klavir z vrhunsko tehnologijo zvoka in pravimi lesenimi tipkami!


Grand Feel II mechanics with pressure point simulation and wooden keyboard with Ebony & Ivory Touch surfaces
The CA98 features the Wood Feet Grand Feel II mechanism, which provides an exceptionally realistic feel thanks to more than 90 years of Kawai piano experience. The key length of the Grand Feel II keyboard (from the key leading edge to the balance bar pen) is longer than any other digital piano keyboard. All eighty-eight black and white buttons are made entirely of long pieces of wood. Like a grand piano, each key moves smoothly on a balance bar. When a key is hit, a weighted hammer is moved upwards, as with the original. In addition, the 3-fold sensor system ensures optimal repetition and control of play.
The graduated weighted hammers give real wing feel. In addition, in the front area of each key of the Grand Feel II keyboard weights are incorporated, so that an even better balance between pronounced fortissimo in still fatigue-free game with perfect control in pianissimo is possible. In addition, the Grand Feel II keyboard is equipped with a pressure point simulation, which ensures perfect control of the Pianissimo game.
All 88 keys of the Grand Feel II keyboard are equipped with ivory-like rubbers (Ebony & Ivory Touch), which absorb moisture and provide the player with more safety and excellent control of the game thanks to a grippy surface.

The sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, reproduced with the latest SK-EX rendering sound technology
The beautiful sound of the Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano is the heart of the new CA98. Renowned worldwide for its tonal clarity, the world-renowned Shigeru Kawai models can be found on concert halls and music venues.
In order to reproduce the impressive sound of the Shigeru grand piano as faithfully as possible, Kawai has developed the new SK-EX rendering sound generator featuring high-resolution multi-channel sampling of all 88 keys in combination with the latest resonance modeling technology. Multichannel sampling incorporates the sound captured from multiple positions on the Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano, which can reproduce a wider range of sound characteristics, enabling more vivid authentic sound changes in dynamic play. This natural and expressive sound is further enriched by the use of physical modeling with newly developed resonance algorithms. The complex overall sound that comes through the strings,

TwinDrive Soundboard System
With the new TwinDrive Soundboard System Kawai has succeeded in reproducing a wide frequency spectrum directly over the soundboard. For the first time, the rear soundboard is vibrated with two transducers, so no additional bass speakers are needed. The result is a dispersion like a real piano and the best possible acoustic reproduction of the piano sound. This system is based on the natural resonance of acoustic pianos and is therefore far superior to the principle of normal loudspeaker systems.

Alternative acoustic piano sounds and a wide selection of additional sounds
In addition to the new SK-EX rendering sound generator, the CA98 is also equipped with the popular Harmonic Imaging XL technology. This includes alternative acoustic piano sounds and a wide selection of additional sounds. For example, you can find the special sound of the Kawai EX Concert Grand, which – along with other grand pianos – is often selected internationally by professional pianists for events such as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky or Rubinstein piano competitions. The sounds of the middle Shigeru Kawai piano SK-5 and the acoustic Kawai piano K-60 give the player the opportunity to get to know different sound characteristics of different grand piano sizes or an acoustic piano.
In addition to the acoustic piano sounds, the CA98 has a wide selection of other sounds, such as electric pianos, drawbar or church organ, string or chorus length, which allow the musician a very varied game of different genres. The dual mode allows you to play two different sounds (eg grand pianos and strings) on top of each other on the keyboard at the same time, while the split or four-handed mode allows dividing the keyboard into a left and a right area.

Change the sound character to your
liking with the Virtual Technician With the integrated Virtual Technician function in the CA98, the sound character of the selected acoustic piano, harpsichord or e-piano sound can be easily changed via the display. For example, you can set the intensity of the string, damper and cabinet resonances or the sound of the falling hammers. You can even change the pitch and volume of individual sounds and then save it to a Favorite memory location.

Bluetooth MIDI and Audio
In addition to the MIDI jacks that connect to other MIDI devices, the CA98 digital piano also features Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth audio technology that enables wireless communication with supported smart devices (such as a smartphone or tablet). allows.
Once paired with a smartphone, tablet or other smart device, the CA98 owner can conveniently use a wide range of music-related apps in conjunction with his instrument or, for example, his audio files stored on a paired product wirelessly through the speakers of the CA98 play.

USB to Device functionality with MP3 / WAV recording and playback
The CA98 is equipped with USB ports that not only give you the ability to exchange MIDI data with a connected computer. For example, you can also save data directly to a USB storage device or load it directly into the instrument from a USB storage device. This USB to Device functionality allows you to save songs (stored in the internal memory of the CA98) to an external storage device or MIDI files stored on them (SMF) directly to the instrument without the need for additional hardware.
Even the direct playback of songs of your favorite artists in MP3 or WAV format is possible. You can also record your own game in MP3 or WAV format and send it to your friends via e-mail, listen to the songs on a smartphone or PC, or burn them to CD on your PC.

Onkyo Premium Audio Hardware
Developed in partnership with Onkyo, one of Japan’s leading premium audio makers, the CA98 is the first instrument to incorporate specialized components for high-end audio playback.
With innovative technologies such as Onkyo’s 1-bit processing, dual DAC signal conversion and DIDRC filtering, the sound reproduction of the Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano sound becomes incredibly clear and powerful. Even playing with headphones becomes a special listening experience thanks to the integrated high performance headphone amplifier Discrete Spectra Module.

5 “touch screen, SK-EX rendering sound generator, TwinDrive soundboard system, ONKYO technology and much more!


  • Display: 5 inch LCD touch screen (480×800 pixels), capacitive
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Ver.4.0, GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification Compliant, Bluetooth Audio
  • Registrations: yes, 16 Favorite memories
  • USB functions: Playback: MP3, WAV, SMF; Recording: MP3, WAV; Functions: Audio Overdub, Song to Audio Conversion, Load Internal Songs, Save Internal Songs, Save SMF Song, Load Registrations, Save Registrations, Delete File, Format USB
  • Other Features: Key Transpose, Song Transpose, Tone Control (including User EQ), Wall EQ, Speaker Volume Control, Headphone Volume, Line In, Line Out Volume, Audio Recorder Gain, Tuning, Damper Hold, LCD Contrast, User Memory, Factory Default , Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal On / Off, Split Balance, Layer Octave Shift, Layer Dynamics, Dual Balance, MIDI Channel, Send PGM #, Local Control, Transmit PGM #, Multi Timbral Mode, Channel Mute, Auto Power Off


  • Keyboard: Grand Feel II
  • Key material: wood
  • Button surface: Ivory / Ebony Touch
  • Pressure point simulation: yes
  • Number of sensors: 3
  • Touch Response Curves: Light +, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy +, Off (Constant), User
  • Keyboard cover: yes

sound Generator

  • Sound System: PIANIST Mode: SK-EX Multi Channel 88 Key Rendering; SOUND mode: Harmonic Imaging ™ XL, 88-key sampling
  • Sounds: PIANIST Mode: Shigeru Kawai EX concert grand piano with 10 rendering characters; SOUND mode: 88, wings: Shigeru Kawai EX, Kawai EX, SK-5
  • Polyphony: 256 notes
  • Virtual Technician: intonation, damper resonance, damper sound, string resonance, resonance of undamped strings, cabinet resonance, key-off effect, hammer fallback sound, hammer delay, grand piano cover, decay time, soft pedal intensity, velocity curves (incl Curves), tempering (including user tempering), tempering tone, stretch tuning, user tuning, user key volume, half-pedal adjustment, minimum touch
  • Keyboard modes: Dual mode, split mode, four-hand mode (only for SOUND mode, incl. Volume / balance control)
  • Hall: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
  • Effects: Stereo Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Phaser, Rotary, Combination Effects x 4, Amplified Effects x 3
  • Moods: Equal (Piano Only), Pure (Major), Pure (Minor), Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (Flat), Equal (Stretch), USER

Music / Recording

  • Metronome / time signature: 10 time signatures + 100 rhythms, tempo and volume adjustable
  • Recorder:
    PIANIST mode: audio recording only, internal: approx. 30 min. 3 songs (WAV), USB memory: MP3 / WAV recording and playback, AB loop; Limited only by storage capacity of the storage medium
    SOUND Mode: Internal: MIDI 10 songs, 2 tracks – max. 90,000 notes, USB memory: MP3 / WAV recording and playback, AB loop; Limited only by storage capacity of the storage medium
  • Lesson function: 542 titles in total. Titles by Czerny, Burgmüller, Beyer, Bach, Chopin and Hanon (including sheet music); Title by Alfred without sheet music. Additional finger training with 4 scales (major, n minor, h minor, m minor), 2 arpeggiate, 2 cadence and 2 chord exercises in all keys with evaluation function
  • Piano Music Songs: 29
  • Concert Magic Songs: 176
  • Demo songs: 39

sound system

  • Soundsystem: TwinDrive Soundboard System, 4 x 7cm Top Speaker + 2 x 1,4cm Tweeter; ONKYO Amplifier, ONKYO SpectraModule ™ Headphone Amplifier, ONKYO Signal Processing
  • Power: 3 x 45W
  • Power consumption: 55W


  • Pedals: Grand Feel Pedal System: Sustain (semi-pedal capable), soft, sostenuto
  • Music stand: 6-stage, extra wide with leather cover
  • Connections: LINE IN (stereo mini-jack), LINE IN level adjustable, LINE OUT (L / MONO, R), LINE OUT control, headphone x 2 (stereo mini-jack and 1/4 “stereo jack), MIDI (IN / OUT), USB to Host, USB to Device
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 94 x 145.5 x 46.5 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Color: Premium white satin


  • 1 x Kawai CA-98 W Digital piano premium white satin


USB to host Yes
display Yes
colour White
Headphone jack Yes
Auto accompaniment No
MIDI connector Yes
Number of styles 0
USB to device Yes
recording Yes
Number of voices 101
console Yes
Surface (glossy / matt) satin
Lesson feature Yes
max polyphony 256
Number of keys 88
Amplifier power in watts (RMS) 135
Little buttons Yes
Set incl accessories No
Integrated speaker Yes
wooden keyboard Yes
Number of pedals 3
keyboard cover Yes


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